Behind the scenes

by waltritsch a+u | ARCHITETTI URBANISTI

The display cases, arranged in an offset sequence forming a circle with a 7-meter diameter, create a dual itinerary: the history of the city along the left nave and the wartime vicissitudes of soldiers from Trieste along the right nave. The various highlights are presented in cases with items, photos, propaganda posters or media vortices, niche shelving or catalogues of objects and infographics showing key statistical data about Trieste during the war.

The centre of the hall features a double installation: a battlefield with a thousand toy soldiers symbolising the struggle for Trieste is overshadowed by a cloud of diaries, thousands of pages that recount the human vicissitudes of the war.
The perimeter of the Hall is marked off by a barrier of words: two iconic sentences where each letter, the size of a man, represents a soldier screaming all of his anguish and will to survive above all other values in the world, reveal that the situation was unbearable and the risk of dying equally high for the fighters on both sides of the front:

Yesterday we were involved in combat and that by the grace of God I was unhurt.

Antonio Pertot
from Trieste, soldier of the 97th Regiment of the Austro-Hungarian army

After at least 40 days in the trenches we are now returning to the world.
We are dropping like goddamn flies.

Roberto Liebmann Modiano
from Trieste, volunteer in the Italian army