Theatres Of War

At the outbreak of the World War, the main city theatres and the more than twenty cinemas in Trieste run a regular, varied and structured programme, attended by a large, diverse audience.

After the bombing of Sarajevo, which imposes a deep sense of mourning on the city and the suspension of all exhibitions from the 2-4 July 1914, musical, film and theatre performances subsequently resume with the same pre-war rhythm, increasingly including issues related to the ongoing conflict within their programming schedule.

The remarkable collection of posters from 1914-1918 in the C. Schmidl Civico Museo Teatrale (Civic Theatre Museum) offer ample testimony to this, demonstrating that the city has never lacked a rich and varied programme, often used in fund-raising for the fallen and wounded soldiers and their families, as well as to give financial support to the war effort.

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